About Me

My name is Lucy Cohen.  I was born in January 1983 which means that I am officially now into my late twenties. To my great surprise I am not yet an international super star; I have not won an oscar, a grammy or even a Blue Peter badge. I did win Accounting Personality of the Year 2009 but I have a suspicion that there may not have been much competition for that particular accolade.

I spend most of my time running my business but this blog isn’t about that part of my life.  Here I hope to aimlessly meander through the sort of thoughts that pop into my head at 4am in the morning, and you lucky folks out there will get the chance to read them.  I also enjoy writing stupid poems, just in case you are interested.

Very little of what I write here will have any sort of evidence to back it up.  I’m merely offering you my (often ill-informed) opinion.

I hope you enjoy my rather lame contribution to the world of blogging. If you do, why not pass it on to a friend? If you don’t, then pass it on to someone you don’t like instead.


Lucy x

(mildly delusional undiscovered genius)